We’ve been developing Apps since 2013, when we were still plugging along with Tinkatolli, our ill-fated virtual world for kids. Back then, an app developer contacted us looking for a job. We weren’t hiring but we told him he was welcome to stop by for a cup of coffee.

He came by the next week and saw us sitting in our tiny office with barely enough room to stand (much less fit a third desk). He kind of stuttered and said, “I think I was sort of expecting something a little bigger than 2 guys in a room”. From the outside, we appeared to be more successful than we actually were.

Since that time, we’ve developed about a dozen apps (for ourselves & clients) with over 6 million downloads. Our apps have been featured by Apple multiple times. One of our games was even “App of the Week“. But those are the ups. We have also had our fair share of downs. Look behind the curtain, and you’ll still see that we’re just 2 guys in a room (although the room is bigger now).

And that brings me to the point of this first blog post. We’ve decided to add a blog to our website to give you a look behind the curtain – to share stories of our successes and our failures. To talk about what we’re excited about and what we’re working on.  Hopefully, by doing so, other app developers can learn from what we did, or didn’t do. And by sharing what we’re working on, hopefully, we get some people excited about our apps in development and build some momentum before they launch.

I’ll end this first post in the spirit of sharing.  The video below is what convinced us it was time to turn on the blog.  It’s from a presentation given by Emmy Jonassen. If you’re an app developer with a $0 marketing budget, do yourself a favor and check it out!

 “Marketing Indie Games on a $0 Budget

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